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Thread: New Boat Shed/Garage in the Woods

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    Smile New Boat Shed/Garage in the Woods

    It has been a while since I was on this site. Thought I might show my new shop, it is still in the process of building. Should start with the steel roof next month. Siding will be ship lap 3/4" White Oak. I have a neighbor who has a Woodmizer Band Saw and a lot of downed timber from the Tornado of last year. Lots of WOak, Locust, Hackberry, some birch. The tornado took out 1000's of trees along the river.

    Here is the link.

    I did not want to loose the only locable storage that I had, so I incorporated it into the back of the Shop and that gives me an insulated space for Vac System and Compressor, that I can close the door on and not have to listen to the racket. It made it a little awakard to incorporate it, but I am sure glad now that I did.


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    Hi Tom

    The shop is awesome. Nice size wow. Is this going to be a pro shop or just for hobby purposes?

    I looked at the boat build you had on your site. That Whitehall is some boat. Nice finish.

    Have you ever given consideration to putting some sails on her and trying to get her to beat against the wind. Looking at the hull I think a boat like that could be used for sailing as well. Beats rowing in my books.

    How heavy is she?

    Sorry to divert from the shop but well the boat was something i am keen on myself.

    Good luck with the new shop and Oak for the siding you are spoilt.

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    Great looking shop - I envy you - all your space!
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    Here is the boat that I plan on building in there. I am starting with the lead ballast keel and the strong back and stations this fall, and will start stripping her out in the spring. Want to be done by Christmas next year. Want to take it to the Keys and play around for awhile and stay warm.

    The version I am building will be strips and smooth sides, no Chines. I am stretching the length to 18' AWL and Beam to 7'. Also increase the freeboard by 3-4" and then raise the roof of the cabin by the same. Interior head height will be approx. 6' with "V" bearth almost 9' long. The cock pit seats will increase in length to approx. 8' also. Should make it a nice roomy and spacious trailerable boat. All measurements for the Mast,Boom,Sprit and Gaff will increase in length by about 20%. The designer of the boat is helping me work out all the details.

    Should be a fun build.


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    Rob, Sorry to not address your questions. The Whitehall is 20'7" LOA and is only 54" beam, way to narrow to be a safe sailboat. I have a little two hp Johnson to push us around when we get tired of rowing.

    The boat weighs approx. 150 lbs.



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    another similar design


    A friend and I have a boat with similar lines, it was built by a Sam Devlin in Washington. We picked it up used.

    It's called a winter wren. It has the same rigging, full keel, and a small cabin. He builds strong steady sailing craft.

    It also has a wood stove, strange but true.

    Check it out, he uses a stitch and glue method. There are concerns working with epoxy though.

    We're about to embark on a repair of it now, as a 100 old tree fell on it during that last storm.

    We should have kept it in the water.


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    Interesting style of framingTom. I have done post and beam before as well as western framing but i have never seen walls framed like that. Is there a name for that style? What area of the country do you live in? Is there a heavy snow load? What are the advantages to doing it that way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Watson View Post
    Interesting style of framingTom. I have done post and beam before as well as western framing but i have never seen walls framed like that. Is there a name for that style? What area of the country do you live in? Is there a heavy snow load? What are the advantages to doing it that way?
    It is called book shelf framing. I would never recommend that any one do it. It was a PTA. I did it to save some lumber, but in the end the lumber was the cheapest part of the whole shebang. I have sheeted the inside and outside of the bldg. with OSB. It is all done and complete now except the siding and roofing. I will put TYVEK on this week and that will have to be it till spring when I have some extra cash to finish the rest. It is useable now for a shop and garage.

    I will post more pics on my webshots album tomorrow. I am starting to build my back bench with Radial Arm Saw permantently installed. Bench will be 24' long with the saw in the middle with storage under. Still a lot to do to get everything put away. I am so tired of the mess.

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    Thanks Tom, I really enjoy a series of pictures showing a building from start to finish -and when yours show the finished phase they will be even better.

    While looking at the photos, I kept wodering when you were going to get rid of the small building. Then, then I read that you kept it on purpose. Interesting ...

    By the way, from my perspective, your place is not in the woods.
    Cheers, Frank

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