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Thread: Green Egg Table

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    Green Egg Table

    We decided to get a Green Egg

    There are lots of plans for tables for these things.

    So I looked around and found one with the basic measurements.

    I decided to use ash. Probably not the best choice for outdoor wood but I needed about 60 board ft. and it was only $2 per bf. It's really nice looking.

    I am using all kreg joints with all of the joints hidden. Most of the designs are based on using treated material with 2x4's and 5/4 deck boards. I just could not do that. So I designed my using all 4/4 material ( nicely dressed to 3/4").

    I got the materials on Friday at lunch from Suwanee Lumber. Very nice people. I picked about 7 12' boards, which they cut down so I could get them in the 97 honda wagon.

    Every time I use my SawStop I enjoy it more. Working the boards down was a process of rough cutting everything to approximate lengths, jointing one side, then ripping everything to size.

    I picked up some stainless steel 1 1/4" fine Kreg screws. But will need more that the 100 in the package.

    I got the top finished, legs done and the bottom is all cut out and ready to build.

    Nice project.
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    This is a great project that I will follow with interest since I am trying to design my own BBQ cart. I see only one design flaw, it won’t fit my 22” Weber Smokey Mountain. .

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    Looking forward to seeing the finished pics, Bartee. And from what I've read on the BBQ forums, you're gonna love the Green Egg.
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    That will be a very useful table Bartee. I agree with Vaughn, you're going to love that egg.

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    That table looks great! I don't think you'll have too much trouble with the Ash, so long as you put some sort of Spar Varnish on it, I've had several ash canoe paddles and oars over the years. They silvered up beautifully when left to weather. I've got a wonderful grille already, but I was intrigued with the whole Green egg design, and I like the Chimnea thing. I might just have to find funds for one of those when the LOML and I move to VA.

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    Hey Bartee ...thanks for the education. Did not know about the Green Egg before. Looks like a great unit.

    Table looks to be a great idea as well, will you make it mobile?

    Dont forget the stone to put at the base in your design. There see i spent a while on their site looking at what is involved with this unit.

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    Bartee, I also didn't know what a green egg thing was (only that bad eggs and auracana chickens lay green eggs). Nice table and thanks for the education!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Great bench ye got going there.
    You will enjoy the Big Green Egg.
    My son has two, one at home and one at the lake house. He turns out some might fine fixins with them.
    They are expensive, I think about $1,400.00. I'm happy with my old Webber.

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    The Big Green Egg is in the house !!

    We picked up the BGE Wednesday.

    So the project had to be completed.

    It's ready. Still in the shop, but maybe tomorrow we can get the Egg installed.

    I have the 16" x 16" x 2" concrete paver that goes in the square hole on the bottom shelf. t

    This is a standard ( a few mods by me ) design.

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