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Thread: 45 minute flatwork, from conception to finished product

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    45 minute flatwork, from conception to finished product

    No racing, but I was dead tired at dinner time when my daughter approached me with something she wanted from me.
    She was at a UF game this past weekend, and played this game called washers at the tailgating parties.
    What do I know. I must be really old fashioned, cause when I went to tailgating parties, I ate, drank, ate, ate more, then went over to someone elses party, ate again, went back to another party, ate again, threw 3 long balls, then ate a few more times.
    So into the garage, picked out a piece of ply wide enough, cut it in maybe 10 minutes. Air gunned and glued the boxes together.
    I was too lazy to cut a piece of 4 inch pvc for the centers, so I just screwed in cut down coffee cans. No filing the tops, just colored duct tape, gotta show some team colors anyway.

    for those old guys like me, its like portable horseshoes. You stand 20 ft apart, toss 2-3 inch washers and get 3 points for center in the bucket shot, 2 for a leaner, 1 point for in the box.
    Ok, whatever, maybe I need to have a couple of buds first.
    It made her happy, happy tailgating. Just stay safe.
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    Hey Allen thats a similar game to the one i recently purchased the washers for. Texas horseshoes. See the pics of what i am refering to here.

    I was up near Sudbury at a campsite a few years back and on the beach of a lake i was asked to join a group of guys playing the game. Well took the dimensions and all the details down but could not find the washers in the local stores. Then I came across a very large fastener supplier here in Canada and found the washers.

    Was hoping to have made the game for the summer but now i think it will happen for our thanks giving weekend camping trip.

    These quick projects are a great thing to be able to make for the family to enjoy.

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    yeah, hey, same kind of stuff. I guess its a good thing to throw in a car when going somewhere and ya want everyone to play.

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    Allen, good job! Nephew and his friends made one and play it a lot of the time. Not as harmful to bystanders as horseshoes I guess!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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