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Thread: Planer Stand, All Kreg, All butt joints.. quick

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    Planer Stand, All Kreg, All butt joints.. quick

    I finally got tired of lifting my lunch box planner off the floor onto the table saw out feed table.

    So I looked around at the "extra" plywood I had and did some quick plans and came up with this.

    Looks like it might be a place to store jigs and such.

    It's real sturdy. I have to create a method to hook it to the outfeed table to make it NOT roll around. Those casters do not lock very well.

    The 1st picture is my SawStop with it's sliding table. This is GREAT. I was able to easily cut done a large piece of ply accurately and quickly. The sliding table made this a very easy project.
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    Great job. I see no reason why it won't hold up... As for the casters, I have my planer mounted on casters and nexer lock them, see no need. I don't push on it during opperation as you simply lay the material on the table, introduce to the infeed roller and it does the rest by itself... Also with my tools I found that rubber casters one size too small are harder to roll and stay put when you want it and move when you need to. Correctly sized casters roll too easily.

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    Good job. I need to do this for my planer and for my Ridgid spindle/belt sander. How high did you make the cabinet for the planer?
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    That looks good. I was thinking of doing something like that for my planer, but hadn't got to it yet. I was wondering about making tables on both sides for long pieces.

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    WOW... a saw stop AND a slider......I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy
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    Sorry for the delay... The real job gets in the way.

    The dimensions are:

    34" wide
    22" deep
    29" high + 4" caster = 33" high

    The height is designed to be close to my out feed table on the TS.

    What I would change.

    This thing is really bigger than I wanted. I was going for stability.

    I would make it narrower. Just wide enough for you planer base. This would be about 20 1/2" for me.

    If you really needed the space you could make the width based on one side of the feed table being folded up when not in use.

    For me I am going to permanently mount a feed board thru the machine. I think I will be doing a lot of very thin stuff and it works just fine. I also think this will completely solve the snipe problem that I sometimes have.

    I am going to order two De-sta-co Clamps to connect it to my outfeed table so it will not move. Wheels just do not lock tight enough.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my stand for my Dewalt Plainer. The only reson for showing you is for the base.IT locks firmly down. You can make it to any size demention with
    2x2s it came from Woodcraft.
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    I should have asked before I made it, but it just happened a couple of weekends ago.

    I had the ply and just started cutting.

    I will be handy for storing jigs an bulky stuff under it.

    Thanks for you post.

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