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Thread: I was taught honesty is the best policy but??

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    I was taught honesty is the best policy but??

    Hi All

    I am feeling rather upside down by some news i heard the other day that just well simply blew me away and i cannot seem to reconcile it.

    Call me stupid, call me naive but I caught a piece on the news about how students today are paying for term papers to be written by someone in the East. Turns out there are websights that offer a term paper for about $80 on any subject. What parent would foot the bill for this and think it will do any good.

    I could not believe we are outsourcing our education. Where do the students that participate in this as I understand it booming industry think this is going to go?

    Is this as real as it appears or was this some sort of prank on the part of the news network.

    Whats your thoughts. My guess is most of the people on this forum have worked hard for everything they have regardless of how much that is.

    I am finding it difficult to grasp that this is what we as a generation have spawned. Please tell me i am dreaming and will wake up to find it all a joke like Aprils fool.

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    rob it was on sixty minutes awhile back they interveiwed several people that either used them or made them...
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    From a great Canadian Band, the Bare Naked Ladies............

    "What A Good Boy"

    I go to school, I write exams,
    if I pass, if I fail, if I drop out,
    does anyone give a damn?
    And if they do, they'll soon forget
    'cause it won't take much for me
    to show my life ain't over yet.
    People who cheat on exams and or cheat by getting someone else to writer their papers, are just cheating themselves, IMHO. In the end, the the most important thing that schooling can teach you is how to learn.

    If you pay someone else to do your learning for you, then you are the stupid one, and it will not take long to show.

    Parents who pay for such things (knowingly) are really abusing their kids, which is sad.

    There have always been cheats and charlatans, and that is not about to end, the internet has just made it easier, but, at the same time, the internet can be used for great things like this forum here.

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    There have been articales about that subject around for a few years. I totally am against it. If you bought the term paper you don't know what is in it. What is really scarey is that person that bought a term paper may someday be your doctor. There are also websites that the instructors can go to check to see if a paper has been purchased. It seems like anything for a buck anymore.

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    Seems like most anything can be for sale nowadays. We do our best to teach our children integrity.

    On another track Rob, when my kids were applying to colleges, they had to answer [in an essay] a question like "if we had only one spot left, why should we accept you?" Now, my wife and I value modesty and humility. We taught our children not to boast, not to show off and not to think too highly of themselves. So then they have to compete with those who were raised thinking that everything they did, said, and thought was fabulous. Who's got the right attitude? I'll stick with what we did, but it did make it difficult for our young adults sometimes.

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    Rob, this is neither new, nor it is 'outsourcing'. It is cheating, plain and simple. And, in the final wash, it is society that is being cheated the most.
    College [cheating] grads will get jobs ahead of those with no degree. And, society has these cheats working for us, in one way or another.

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    I'm with you Ken

    Unfortunately, cheating on exams or term papers is not a new idea. Just more sophisticated now with the internet.

    I have a large family and raised my kids in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I think all my kids had the same teachers. So when my youngest changed the name on her older sisters report and passed it in as her own, it took about 5 minutes for the teacher to figure it out. :She didn't get punished by the school other than a failing grade but she lost car privileges for a month. Lesson learned.

    Today she is a world renowned brain surgeon.....No she's not..just kidding, but she is a great Mom of 2 girls...I'm just waiting for the payback when her kids give her a tough go.
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    holy cow!...........ya mean kids aren`t entitled to a degree just for breathing
    work?......why?........that`s why mom-n-pop are sendin` `em to college in the first place isn`t it?
    from here it seems as though precious few teachers promote thought and the majority are concerned the kids being able to recite their lesson long enough to pass a test.
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    I didn't read the report but someone told me the reports are written by people in India and perhaps China. I wonder how someone who's not a native speaker of English could write a report that would not tip off the teacher. I've done a lot of communication with people from Asia and while their writings are understandable, they would never be taken as native speakers. Just too many verb mistakes, generally.

    And I wonder how many of those reports are "copies". That is, I wonder if they have a library of reports and just make minor modificaitons for each customer.

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    its very easy to understand.

    For alot of kids college has nothing to do with getting an education, its all about getting the paperwork that entitles them to land or score a certain job.
    since so many jobs require proper paperwork, students look to cut down on their study time, for whatever reasons. I dont agree with it, but then again colleges today are charging enormous fees, housing is off the wall, food is outrageous, and the stress factors push alot of kids over the edge.
    If some kid can work at his partime job making 10 dollars an hour, money that he needs to survive in todays hard time, it may be worth working a Saturday for a paper instead of giving up 2 weeks worth of time, research, etc, to write a paper. It all boils down to money.
    That is the pressure todays society put on our youth. If you dont make decent money, especially if you go to college, youre viewed as failure material.(this is not how I view college students, my daughter struggled with school her entire life, and has finally graduated with a degree in teaching, and now the struggle is to find a job, and Im sitting on pins and needles cause this week were waiting for one call, for anything)
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