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Thread: Drill Press Table Add-on

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    Drill Press Table Add-on

    A person on another forum improved on another persons idea for this. True to the forum member's code (they're more like . . . guidelines) I blatantly stole it and modified it to fit my world.

    The hold downs I use for my DP table help with safety and accuracy but I never thought about this as a solution for those little pieces. My thanks to those other guys; hope it helps someone here too.

    A scrap of BB ply, a t-slot bit and just a few minutes of your time:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DPT x-brace 003.jpg   DPT x-brace 005.jpg   DPT x-brace 006.jpg  
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    Great idea. Glenn. Duly added to the "gotta steal this" list.
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    That is a great idea, thanks for spreading it around!
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