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Thread: a question on selling.

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    a question on selling.

    with my recent misadventure with craigslist, not too sure about etsy, and uncertain about ebay(mostly shipping questions), how does one sell something like my coffee table? usually when i've sold something, it was because someone asked me to build it, but now i think the situation is reversed, i have a table but no buyer. any advice is appreciated.
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    Depending on size of your market area, local classified newspaper ad might do the trick.
    Do you have an art gallery in a nearby big city?
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    Not sure of your comment on ETSY... It appears to be a good venue for selling... I sell some on ETSY and have an acquaintence in the local market where I sell regularly that uses it quite a bit for her artwork... she makes fairly good money working on ETSY.

    There are scam artists abounds out there, but if you are cautious and watch your wallet, you should be able to use the various venues successfully.

    I would think shipping a table would be very expensive, so Frank's suggestion of an ad in the local market might be more appropro.
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    Wats ETSY?

    Edit: Nebber mind. I Googled it. Looks like a ladies church bazaar with doilies and pot holders. Not for me, or, for that matter, any real men.
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    There are consignment store who will take the piece in and put it on display. They do charge a LARGE commision but they do work. I've had some luck with them. The good part about them is they can lead to other commisions. Also in large cities ther are also sometimes stores who will want to display differant types of ART. I have been asked to put a piece on display in Scottdale which is a town where folks pay big $$$ for custom furniture. I have my cards in several used/antique stores and this is where I get a lot of my work. I am fortunate now that due to my exposure in the antique store I am now getting lots of referals. It does take time but well worth it.
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