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Thread: small Birch box w Walnut lid

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    small Birch box w Walnut lid

    Been playing around with the lathe I posted about before Christmas.... I had a chunk of a Birch limb from a tree in my son's yard.

    With a piece of Walnut for a lid, I hollowed the lid as well, Trying a few techniques. Just playing around learning to use my new toys, the lathe, new chuck, etc.

    Total piece is about 3" tall and 3+" wide... less than 1/8" thick in most areas. Can you see the crack? CA glued it back together. Before the several coats of wipe-on Poly & final rubbing with Rottenstone & Mineral oil.

    Got a couple of other jewels on the lathe (waiting) but I really need a curved tool rest. I got the 3/4" bar and 1/2" cut to size, will bend the 1/2" but ran out of wire for the MIG and have to pick some up to weld up. Making 4 sizes & shapes for future endeavors.

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    I moved your post to lathe land only because it should be featured where us spinnney guys can appreciate the art. The box is great and I am sure that it was a challenge. Keep up the great work. The form is great and the finish is well what can I say.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Nice job Bill
    I like the colors

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