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Thread: dark beech hollow forms

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    dark beech hollow forms

    hello folks here are two hollow forms i've made today
    the wood is beech but it seems to have gone dark instead of spalting (a new one on me) there was a light patch in the centre of the log (which is the area on the forms) and a 1"ring around the outside which had spalted but the majority has just gone dark.
    do i still say its spalted? in theory it has been affected by a fungus of some sort???
    what do you think?

    the first one

    the second one (looks better in the flesh)

    a group pic

    heres a form i made last week which was part of the same batch of beech and maybe even the same log

    i suppose it just shows the many varied facets wood can take

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    Very nice work, George. What sizes are these pieces, and what did you use for a finish? I don't think I've ever seen beech that dark. Looks cool, though.

    I'm facing a similar naming question with a pepper mill I turned last night, It was spalted maple, but all the fine black lines were turned away. Is it still called spalted?
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    Hard to decide a favorite here. All look terrific. Nice work. I'd like to know the finish as well.

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    thank you for your comments

    at the moment the finish is lemon oil- i apply this to protect the piece from fingermarks but still allow it to breath- once its dried out (about a week)i will apply organoil hard burnishing oil to acheive a satin finish.

    these pieces are about 7" wide by 6"-7" tall

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    Great looking pieces George. Form looks good.
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    These look great George! Very Nice.
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    Very nice indeed!
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    Nice looking!

    I like the contrast the spalting gives it.

    I've had similar problems with spalted beech. I've had the light "marbling" effect you have, as well as the darkness. It looks like you got to it right before it became all punky (good save!).

    BTW I found that if I give the bowl/hollow form a coat of shellac before applying the finish, the oil doesn't darken it further.
    See ya around,

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