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Thread: How long does spalting take?

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    How long does spalting take?

    I obtained several green California Bay Laurel half log bowl blanks, rough turned two, bagged them and they are drying. The third, I cut where the top and bottom wlll be off of the log, ran out of time, so placed it in a plastic bag since I had no green wood sealer. That was about three weeks ago. I looked at it this weekend, and it appears to have begun to spalt. Does anyone know how long I should let this go before the wood starts to decay and become useless? I am in NorCal, garage temp goes from 50ís to 80ís this time of year, and will cool down to 40ís to 60s in the next few months, with 25 to 40% humidity. Thanks.

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    Chuck, I don't think there is a formula or timeline to follow. I've had maple spalt quickly while sitting on dry concrete and some that did nothing while piled under wet leaves. Checking it often is a good idea though because once it goes to far, it is gone....
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    There was an article about controlled spalting in Fine WWing a year or so back. Check the index for it. Otherwise, I agree with Jeff - keep a close watch on it.


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    Lots of info on spalting at FWW, thanks. Basically, it all boiled down to what you all said, from a little to a long time, and keep on checking it.

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