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Thread: I lost a friend

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    I lost a friend

    I know that Rennie started a thread with this new but I want to share something with you.

    I just came from a trip where I couldn't check my e-mail and found this sad new.

    I'd like to say that he was one of my friends or that I was one of his, although I never met him personally, I did have the privilege of talking to him on the phone several times.

    We talked about woodworking (of course) but it was one more of all the subjects that we talked about.
    He was always in good mood, making jokes about everything, even about himself.
    He was a simple man making simple things and seing the world in its simplicity.
    World is simple, we make it complicate.
    He applied the KISS rule to the whole of his life and his works are the result of it.
    I've learnt a lot about woodworking from his books, but I've learnt a lot more about life and human beings from our phone talks.

    The fact of him picking up the phone for the first time and talking to a complete stranger that was calling him from the other side of the ocean (me) with the same naturality as if we had been friends for years, led to several conversations that not for short left less mark on me.

    I had arranged a visit to him in the 2010 tour that he gladly granted and I was looking forward to meet him, with the hidden fear of him not lasting until then, as it has happened.

    Today I'm really sad for the loss of a friend I had but never met, a master I never had (except through his books) and overall for the loss of a good man.

    I wish I'll have his spirit and will of continue woodworking even when he became almost blind, and I'm pretty sure that he has influenced so many of us.
    I envy all those who had the privilege of having him as a master, at Redwoods, those who attended a workshop given by him, and those with he shared some part of his time/life and I regret not having met him or known about him many years before.
    Best regards,

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    I had no idea that he was going to be a stop along your route. That is so sad that you've missed him by a few short months. Such a loss to all.
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