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Thread: Cool shop built jigs page

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    Cool shop built jigs page

    Giving full credit where credit is due, these are Not my design,
    Suwat Phruksawan's woodworking design, he's been published in several different magazines, but he has several of the articles on his Homepage

    This is his slatwall system, shop built and inexpensive...

    I might just have to try and get that installed before Rennie and the guys show up...

    One that really piqued my interest is his tall multifunction TS auxiliary fence.

    He's got several add-ons which make that fence Very useful. That might just go on my 'to do' list right after the new router wing and sled that I have on tap.

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    that thing has given me an evil thought or two ned
    benedictione omnes bene

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    I'm glad it's back online.....he had several bt3000 specific jigs and his website was off for ages.
    daiku woodworking

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