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Thread: Miter Addition to Crosscut Sled

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    Miter Addition to Crosscut Sled

    My small project list is approaching framed items. I don't do much in this area so my miter gauge has always been fine for one or two. I plan to do quite a few so I blatantly stole this from some other kind hearted forum member who was good enough to post it.

    This is not the usual use for these types of clamps but they did hold my previously cut square at a solid 45* angle on the sled:

    Attachment 36739

    Using the sled fence as a reference surface I see the 45's are good:

    Attachment 36740

    I drill some through holes for threaded inserts. I had to plan ahead so I could use these on different sleds (the scrap laying there was used as a backer board):

    Attachment 36741

    I counter sink the hole and use a shop made insert driver to set the inserts:

    Attachment 36742

    I went to the jig parts drawer but did not have some knobbed studs. I used some misc hardware and will get some proper jig hardware next time I order something. I made test cuts using wide scrap so any error would be amplified.

    Attachment 36743

    To use the jig place opposing halves of the material on opposing sides of the jig (one at a time). This assures that those to pieces will fit. You can hardly see the joints:

    Attachment 36744 Attachment 36745Attachment 36746

    The two jig parts are just made of scrap. Now that I know they work I will use them as patterns to make better ones when these wear out.
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    Nice work, Glenn!

    I put together a dedicated sled using the same concept. Not having to worry about the angles really made things easier. About all ya gotta make sure of, now, is that you get the cuts to the right length. Everything'll line up at that point

    I like your insert driver - i keep meaning to make one and I never seem to get around to it. Maybe it's time
    Jason Beam
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