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Thread: Anyone in or close enough to the Hartford CT area

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    Anyone in or close enough to the Hartford CT area

    A trek to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire is a great time for a reasonable price and well worth the trip. Chuck and I (sometimes family in tow) pack up most of the stuff that we make to go down there and play... I mean WORK and sell stuff. If any of you are so inclined, visit the faire and be sure to stop by the booth to say hello!
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    There has been a similar festival here locally this past weekend and the upcoming one, I had hoped to get out there, but won't make it. I have several friends that participate and have a blast doing it.

    Have fun and I hope your sales go well too!
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    Huzzah! wish I were closer, but I didnt' even make out to the local one up in Sterling. Hope the Marks, er faire-goers are appreciative of your work and you do well!

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    We thought about going. Its a 3 hr drive for us. We may end up going to the Scottish Highland games up in Lincoln, NH though.
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    Hartford's a little far for me, but I'll be visiting the Danish Days festival in Solvang CA this weekend to see my BIL and his Viking buddies. I hope you and Chuck have a good show.
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    Sounds like a blast. Maybe I can make it up there towards the end of the show. Will have to see how things are going money wise and see how the old truck holds up. Glad to see you on here again

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