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Thread: How to search for recent posts?

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    How to search for recent posts?

    Is there anyway to search for all posts in the last, say, week?

    The new posts choice is worthless as the stupid thing times out and loses data.

    The search function has the time parameter but won't search unless you specify a 4 or more character search string of a user which puts a limitation on things that ruins the functionality.

    Hopefully I am just missing something but right now I am pretty frustrated.

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    Choose "Search", then "Advanced Search". The options give you a wide range of choices.
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    There really isn't a good way to see posts in the past week without specifying a keyword in the search. I agree that the 4 minimum length is pretty limiting. We'll look to see if shortening this will cause too much overhead with database indexes.

    For short word searches (Saw, TS, etc...) the Google search works pretty well. To use it, click on Search link and the Google Search is listed there.

    I'll keep looking for a better solution. If there is a specific topic you're looking for, let us know and we'll see if we can help find it.


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    Chip, it doesn't help find the week-old posts, but the 'Today's Posts' option in the Quick Links menu does work around the timeout problem you're seeing in the 'New Posts' option.

    If I've been off the forum for a couple days, I'll open the 'New Posts' listing in one tab of my browser, then right-click the links in the list to open their content in a new tab. That way, the New Posts lists stays unchanged as I work my way through the posts.
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