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    More wood

    A while back I posted that I had a lady stop by my booth and offered me some wood that had "that disease"... Last month, she came back by and said she still had some of the tree that I picked up earlier... Monday I went back and got the rest of the trunk and some of the larger limbs... I left all the small stuff. The wood is checking pretty badly, so don't know how much of it I'll be able to use, but if any is a beautiful as some of what I've cut so far, it'll be worth it for the trip up. She lives about 50 miles north of me. Haven't done anything with it yet, just stacked it out back until I can get to it... I didn't seal the ends yet, but since it's already pretty dry and checked, probably won't.
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    Nice score Chuck! Even if the checks go all the way thru, you'll have some great smaller blanks for stoppers and such! Post some pics once you cut into it.
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