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Thread: True Value Store Closing - Large Discounts

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    True Value Store Closing - Large Discounts

    If you live anywhere near Palm Springs, Ca - True Value (Builders Supply on Sunny Dunes Road) is closing its doors and has everything discounted down. Today is the first day of the sale and they said they will stay open each day now until the owner decides to close the doors.
    Discounts start at 20% and go up from there - Clerk there says the owner will decide daily on if discounts will be increased.
    So i bought some sanding flaps and the total cost was $12.00 - Pictures are below - Not sure what they normally cost(they were not marked) because the Mgr there told me if i wanted them I could have them at 1.00 for the small and medium ones and 2.00 for the 3 large ones............
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    Its a shame that stores keep closing......especially as their never around where I live ;P
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