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Thread: Another good Customer Service Company

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    Another good Customer Service Company

    Several months ago ( 3 or 4 ) I purchased on line four 12" Parallel Pro Bar clamps. They had a 2 for 1 sale. They were great while they lasted, but the handles broke on three of the clamps.

    On a whim I called the company and said that I was not complaining wanting replacement or a refund, I only wanted them to be aware that they could have some defective merchandise. The lady I spoke to thanked me and said she would pass the information on.

    I figured that would be the last I would hear of it. At least I felt good reporting it and I didn't rant and rave and act like a fool, which I have a tendency to do at times.

    The next day I received a phone call from the companies owners secretary informing me that they were sending me replacements, and thanked me for my business and reporting the problem.

    They certainly have kept me as a customer.

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    I ordered a saw blade for my tablesaw from Peachtree, actually someone here on the forum had posted that they were on sale. UPS delivered it to my front porch, when I got home the package was gone. UPS was no help, but Peachtree had a new blade in my hands 4 days later, no hassles no problems.
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    Definitely we live in different countries, getting this sort of response from a seller is not common here. Of course there are some that do it but they are the least.

    Complaining and getting refunds here is either useless or a pain in the neck and it demands to devote a lot of time.

    A cash refund is done only in certain big companies like IKEA. Many others they issue you a voucher for the amount and guess what... some of those vouchers they are valid until certain date!!!

    Small shops treat you better though.
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