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Thread: Very proud!!!!

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    Very proud!!!!

    Guess that I have to express a little gloat here. Last summer my FIL was in my shop and made the statement that he sure wished he still had a lathe to create things on. While I do not have a lathe I kept watching that well known bid site as well as Craig’s list. Finally found an old rusty C-man just like the one that he use to have. Bought it for a few dollars more than it was probably worth and brought it home and cleaned (refurbished) to new condition. Built a table mount for him and took it down to the little room where they can have things like this at his and mom’s retirement home.
    The following are photos of the 4 items that he made for his daughters as well as one for Mom for Christmas (which was just celebrated today January 13, 2007). Quite a fellow for his age (turned 80 in December).
    Very proud of his ability at his age.

    Thanks for looking,
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    nice story chuck! and way to go dad
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    I'd be proud too, Chuck.

    Now you need to keep him supplied with wood so he can keep making nice stuff like that

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    That is great

    My dad is 73, and he builds and flies RC model airplanes, he is busier that when he retired, and very active, I think having the hobby to enjoy and the buddies to share it with is a big part of him staying healthy and full of life.

    Nice work on the Christmas turnings!
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    To all of you I thank you for your kind words. FIL had a great smile on his face when I printed out your replies and gave to him. Thanks for making his day. You are the greatest.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Sounds great!!!

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    Excellent gloat, Chuck. The candle stands look looks like your FIL definitely still has the skills.
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    Looks like FIL has a great SIL. Very thoughtful of you to go to all the effort of purchasing and refurbishing a lathe so he can enjoy his retirement days. Very nice work he does also.

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