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Thread: Another Weekend is upon us so What Yall got planned

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    Another Weekend is upon us so What Yall got planned

    We know what Rennie and Al will be doing.
    As usual Sat in the shop sun morn church. The back to the shop.
    So what you all got on the agenda
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    working on the big prodution run. hopefully will be able to have everything cut and trimmed by the end of sunday. going to a wedding on saturday.
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    Might have to help at the booth of my favorite political party at the county fair in the a.m. In afternoon, my woodturning club meets. I'm giving a lecture on why the bowl gouge is a communist plot. Evening watching the Arkansas Razorbacks play Georgia. Could be a very good game. Georgia is ranked but Arkansas is a one point favorite. Sunday a.m. church, aft. whatever wife wants to do.
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    Who the heck knows..........As soon as I think i have my plans all set my wife reminds me who is boss and drags my sorry butt somewhere
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    Work on the pipe organ, watch some football, try my hand at my first hollow form (that’s a spinny guys term), watch some football, grill some New Yorks, watch some football, probably repeat the same on Sunday but maybe not in the same order, except maybe grill some beer can chicken. I‘ll be praying for an Oakland Raider win, but my hopes have been dashed by this time in the season the last six years or so. It’s supposed to be in the 100’s this weekend so I won’t be in the garag . . .er – shop, after it hits 85.

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    Laying about, too weak and sore to do anything. Trying to recover from whatever bug's got me.

    Dr. and I both thought it might be Swine Flu, but the tests came back negative, so now he's treating as a plain ole viral infection.

    Between the chills, fever, and other nasty bodily reactions, I've only left home to go to the Doctor's since Wednesday, and the way I feel right now, it'll likely be a couple more days befor I even try to go out to the shop.

    Only good things are 1. negative for SF, and 2. today was a little bit better than yesterday...
    Jim D.
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    Saturday I'm going to finish (my part) of wiring the turning shed. Once that's done, I'll hire an electrician to wire the subpanel as well as wire in the proper circuits into the main house panel. One thing I haven't figured out yet is how to drive 2 8' grounding rods all the way into the ground.

    Sunday my plans include continue cleaning up the garage wood shop and then going to the Mariner vs. Yankee game with my wife.

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    Do chores tomorrow. Surf the net.
    Sunday is Eid. Eid is celebrated after a succsesfull month of fasting. Kinda like Christmas, except that it is not a birthday of any religious figure. The day will be spent going over friends and family homes, giving/receiving hugs and eating sweet stuff.

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    Peter, I drove one in as I was rehabbing my shop a few years ago. I used an 8# sledge and stood on a ladder to get it going. As it was beaten in, I could drop down a step. But it was tough going. Hope you don't hit any rocks!!!!
    First thing tomorrow, I've got to finish laying the tile in the guest room. After that, I'll get cleaned up and go get the haircut I should have remembered to do last weekend when I had the extra day off. Then I need to get back in the guest room and start cleaning the thinset off of the tile. If all goes well and my knee holds out (got slammed last night by one of the rescue pups...bad knees to start with) I'll do the grout. Told LOML yesterday that I would let the thinset cure for a week. Might still be a good idea, especially if my knee is giving me fits after tomorrow's work.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend! Jim.
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