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Thread: Dyed Maple Hollow Form

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    Dyed Maple Hollow Form

    Here is another of my ongoing color experiments! This piece of maple was naturally split right down the middle with light colored wood on one side and dark colored wood on the other. The process this time - the entire piece was dyed with RIT ‘Teal’ and lightly sanded it back with 320 grit once it had dried. Next the form was dyed with RIT ‘Kelly Green’ and again lightly sanded once it was dry.

    Attachment 36872 Attachment 36873 Attachment 36874 Attachment 36875 Attachment 36876

    Maple hollow form, 8 ¼” diameter x 3 ¼” high x 1/8” thick. Sanded to 400 grit and has 7 thin coats of Minwax Wipe-On Gloss Poly. Will let it dry for a week and then buff it out. I buff these pieces to smooth the surface of the form – not try and add to the gloss. There is a big difference when touching a turning that has been buffed and one that has not. I like the additional smoothness!

    As always, comments, critiques and opinions are welcome!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Thats down right Purty.
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    As we say up Naath, wicked cool!
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    That's another fine one, Steve. Nicely done.
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    Very nice piece. Love the color and form.
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    I am "GREEN" with envy!
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    overal i like it but i would have liked to have seen a slightly diffrent curve from the widest point of the form to the hollowing hole-maybe slightly concave?
    this is only a subjective view of course and it could look diffrent in the flesh compared to trhe pictures

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    Steve, that is way cool. The form is really special. The color adds style to the piece.

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    nice color and style..
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    Cool coloring. I really like that you did not cover the grain. Too often the dye is built up to the point that the grain begins to disappear. Yours is still thin enough not to muddy or even cover the grain. Nicely done.
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