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Thread: Rigger's Bowl

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    Rigger's Bowl

    This a White Oak (Quercus alba) bowl I made for the gentleman who did all the rigging for the Onrust. Made from scraps from building the ship. He is 1 of only 4 people in the world who can accurately rig a 17th century Dutch sprit rigged ship. Hes a great guy and taught me a lot in the short time I got to spend on the ship. I mailed it out the other day so he did not have to drag it on the airplane last weekend. About 6 wide, 4 high and finished with danish oil.

    If you are not familiar with the Onrust Project, look here. I am one o the volunteers.
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    Don Orr

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    this is why I like to turn Oak! Beautiful!!

    And for a good cause! I am not much of a sailor. But appreciate and respect those that are...

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    Ooh, that's a pretty one, Don. I'm sure it'll be a very appreciated gift, especially considering the source of the wood.
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    That is a beauty Don. He is going to love it.
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    Very nice bowl Don! Love the classic form and the rich color! Your use of simple detail lines really adds to the piece! Very nice work on this! I am sure it will be appreciated!

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    What a lovely designed bowl- simple with a great form

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    very nice bowl Don,, white oak works well as bowls i see
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    Don that is simply put a very very beautiful bowl and design. I called my missus to see it. Things I like are .....

    The wall thickness, the wood grain and direction, the shape of the curve, the lines on the top edge, the little foot sticking out and the color that it came out.

    Hey its simply just very nice. As for the guesture well that is even nicer. I am sure the guy will appreciate it very much.

    Had another look at the Onrust and man what a project to be part of. Whats next. Must feel like something is missing not having something of that magnitude to be working on.

    Well done Don.

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    Don, that is a nice piece. I like the simple form and the treatment really adds to the piece.

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