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    Lucky Choice

    I was to build a Bookcase for a customer. Both her and her husband were in agreement on the size. 7ft. long and 8ft. high and 12" deep. I made an extra call to varify the depth of this case since I saw a electonic piece of equiptment close by. But she said,no keep it at 12" deep. I picked up the material and started as always with the face frame. I normaly do the bottom section of the cabinet first,then do the top. But this time I decided to build just the face frames for both top and bottom. Last night I got an E-mail asking if I could make the bottom section deeper to hold her sterio equipment?
    At this point It will be no problem. Had I went my normal way ugg.
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    It's nice when things work out. I usally have a waiting list so by the time I get to the custom stuff people usally have call and made a change or two. i hate making people waite but sometimes it is for the better.

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    I don't do much custom stuff, but when I do, I make them wait on purpose. I don't tel them that, but there is always time for changes allowed.
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