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Thread: spalted beech hollow form 20.9.09

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    spalted beech hollow form 20.9.09

    hello folks
    here's a form i've made today- in an attempt to improve my photography i took these shots outside in natural light!! i'm not sure if it worked as the sun kept going in and out behind some clouds!!

    6 3/4" wide by 5 1/2" high 7/8" hole

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    Again, beautiful.
    Personally I'm not a big fan of staged or professional studio type photos. I like the natural look of a project sitting in the shop or in its normal environment.
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    That's a fabulous piece of wood... you didn't say what it was... looks like some maple I have, but not sure. I haven't tried a hole that small yet... soon though.

    How did you do the bottom? you didn't show a picture of the bottom and I'm not sure how I would do a bottom with that small of a hole. And what is your finish?

    It's a great piece and beautifully done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Ellis View Post
    That's a fabulous piece of wood... you didn't say what it was... looks like some maple I have, but not sure. I haven't tried a hole that small yet... soon though.
    I'd say it's beech.. actualy I read the title...
    Great looking wood
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    Very nice hollow form George! Beautiful wood - great form! I haven't tried hollowing with that small of an entry yet but can only imagine how much harder it would be to remove shavings! Real nice work! Thanks for sharing!

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    i too like the natural light effect but with some artificial back drop like a lighter colored or gray maybe sheet on the table the back ground shows the piece well in contrast and the sheen is there as well. yu can see what is there rather than what is being hidden. i too would like to have seen the bottom, not for my own use but for others and curiosty..
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    thank you for all of your kind comments

    the wood is spalted beech Chuck (its in the title but i forgot to add it in the actual post sorry)

    I prefer to have my forms mounted on plates so the the bottom of the piece is parted away from the waste block and i either reverse turn the base or as i did with this piece sand the base with a 2" velcro pad mounted in a jacobs chuck in my headstock.

    heres a picture

    because this wood is wet i apply lemon oil to stop finger marks but still allow the piece to dry- once dry it will get a couple of coats of organoil or osmo oil to give a slight satin finish.

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    here you can see another hollow form thats just been sanded and oiled and is ready to be parted of. i dont hollow them out like this- i leave extra wood near the base for support until the inside is complete, then i reduce it to what you see here for sanding

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    That's another nice one, George. You get some very pretty beech in your shop.
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    That is a beauty George. Really like the wood and form.
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