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Thread: Officer down!

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    Officer down!

    Not sure why but this really struck a cord with me. Last night we had a Police Officer shot. That just doesn't happen in small town America that often. He was assisting our neighboring city police in a chase in ended up in our town.

    One of the three in the car being chased fired on the officer and the shot him in the head. I was in town at the time and heard the chase come down the mountain but didn't realize it was a chase. I just knew I kept hearing siren after siren. We went thought town and saw the Rescue Truck leaving the Fire Station. Then on the way across the Causeway we meet two more Police cars coming in from another neighboring town. At this point we knew something big had or was happening.

    They were going to Air Ambulance him to the hospital but it happened in an area that there no way a chopper could land and they decided an Ambulance ride was the best option. They bypassed the local Hospital and took him to the Trauma Center in Huntsville. From what I understand the Police Escort for the Ambulance was neighboring city officers from Arab, allowing Guntersville stay on duty and do what needed to be done.

    Huntsville Police blocked all major intersections coming into town to allow the Ambulance to make it as quickly as possible. Officers poured in from surrounding area to assist. As my wife said, they are all brothers even though they have may have never meet each other.

    The amazing part is the Testimony this officer has. From what has been told so far the bullet grazed his head along the temple above the eye and ended at his ear. 3 hours latter he WALKED out of the Hospital eye and ear bandaged and went home!! Praise God!!
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    Glad the officer is OK. Those guys earn there money.
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    Very lucky guy. Glad he's okay. He should take a trip to Las Vegas and see if his luck continues.

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    Only drew my service revolver a half dozen times on duty. No shots fired ever at me. He should be glad God wasn't taking a nap right then! Great news.

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    We had a small town officer shot and killed about two years ago by a later day Bonnie and Clyde type. The guy did the shooting. He killed himself later after being cornered by police and a big shoot out. The incident was very traumatic for the entire area. No matter where, it can happen anytime. We are a mobile society and the bad guys can travel just like anyone.
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    Gripping post Jeff. Was glad to read the guy survived. Turns my stomach to hear stories like this.

    Reminds me of the place i came from. Poor guys would go out on a call and run into an ambush of gangsters with AK 47s. Thats one way to have the cops refuse to go into specific areas at night. Dont do much for the poor people who end up being ruled by the gangsters.

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    Glad to hear that the PO walked away.

    Ballistically the human head is a target that will deflect a round if hit at an angle.
    Had a friend who was shot in the head with a .22 cal round. It just made a red mark
    around his skull..
    A lot depends on the caliber, weight, and muzzle energy of the round.

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    That is Awesome, great praise report. Good to here.

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    I'm so glad the officer was OK. We have had 2 similar cases in NH in the past few years. It effects the whole state.
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