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Thread: Hey's not finished yet but check this out....

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    Hey's not finished yet but check this out....

    Cherry is extremely expensive here. I paid $273 for 23 bd/ft. I glued it up and started turning this in April.

    It got side-tracked by guests, family visits and then a bathroom remodel. A week ago on Sunday, I finally got back to my shop and turned this top.

    I need to sweep the cement dust out of my shop......mop it and then I can consider putting a finish on this.

    Here's my unfinished version of Norm's "Martha Washington's candle stand"

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    nice going ken! i cringe just a little watching norm at the lathe. no face mask or other than, most important of all, safety glasses. i learned almost all of what i know about turning from watching richard raffan, and when i see norm start to turn a blank to round from the center, i want to reach through the tv and whack him on the fingers with his own gouge. but that's just me...
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    I remember watching that show and thinking to myself, self....that would sure be nice to build. But since I am not a spinny guy and that is beyond my talent level anyway, just enjoyed the show. Well ken, you did the same thing except you do the spinny thing and definitely have the talent. Great job

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    Nicely done Ken. Norm would be proud.
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    Beautiful piece Ken. Really well done.
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    That's looking very nice, Ken. It also ought to keep both the spinny guys and the flatlanders off your back for a while.

    What's the purpose of the tilting top? Is it for more compact storage?
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    The tilt top allows you to store the table in a corner. The top also rotates. So you tilt it vertical and then put the 3rd leg in a corner and it takes up less room.

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    Great job Ken. Looking forward to see how the finishing turns out.

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    Beatiful! I look forward to see it finished

    What are its diameter and height if I may ask?
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    good job fitz you are still in good standing amongst the flat folk
    norm and martha both would be proud of your table.. one suggestion though, let it get some sun to balance out the legs and the top with the center column for color before finishing..2 or 3 days of good sun and warmth will do it. otherwize it will catch up but will take awhile inside the house..lookun forward to the final finish pics
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