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Thread: Questions on Blank Cutting ?

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    Questions on Blank Cutting ?

    A friend that i get wood from at times sent me some pc's he didnt want and i have put pictures of them below. I was wondering how to cut them into turning blanks today, then i thought i would post them here and see what others think of how they would cut these.

    Picture 1 & 2 - is a buckeye small type slab - 13" wide and 16" long but has a rotten spot in the side

    Picture 3,4 - Flat pc of redwood burl - 6" wide and 17" Long

    Picture 5,6 - Oblong round pc of redwood - 5 1/2 wide and 16" long

    Picture 7,8,9 - is a block type pc of buckeye 7 1/2 wide approx and 9" tall I thought maybe a vessel when my hollowing rig arrives.

    The buckeye is nice except for that darn rotten spot in it and i would hate to have to cut it down.......LOL ok any thoughts let me know i would appreciate the input

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Burl-Back.jpg   Burl-Front.jpg   Flat Redwood Back.jpg   Flat Redwood Top.jpg   Redwood Elongated.jpg  

    Redwood Elongated Front.jpg   Root Block Back.jpg   Root Block Front.jpg   Root Block Side.jpg  
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    Lets see if I can be of assistance, since sending them to me ain't happenin'!

    First, I would use some sealer on the end grain of all. I can't tell how wet they are, but this will help keep them in good shape till you want to turn them.

    #1-2 If your lathe can handle it, I wouldn't cut it - leave the edge natural.

    #3-4 Make two 6 X 6 blanks and cut the 5" left into pen blanks.

    #5-6 Cut it into 3 - 5-1/4 X 5-1/2 blanks.

    The vessal sounds right for 7-8-9.

    If you leave the Buckeye whole, you don't have to worry about the rotten part. Either seal it with "Wood Hardener" or clean it out and turn carefully. Should be a beaut either way.

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