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Thread: Figured Maple Bowl

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    Figured Maple Bowl

    Bought this piece of Maple from Woodcraft awhile ago when I got my lathe and finally cut into it to see what was inside. I don't believe it was labeled figured maple but how can you even tell unless you run into while cutting Actually only about half of the piece has that "figured" part. I turned this and brought it into the local monthly lathe club meeting last week to show them that I'm trying to do something and not just showing up pretending to be a turner There are some slight remains of chatter marks left towards the rim on the inside of the bowl... you might be able to pick them out in the pictures. But I talked to another member at the meeting and he gave me some really good tips, one if which was an attempt I can make to avoid chatter. Going to this club helps out a lot and they are a great source of info and everyone is really nice and willing to help. To be honest I was getting really sick of sanding and did not want to risk making the bowl much thinner. But now I've picked up a cheapo right angle drill which should help my sanding approach. So I'm looking for a semi-cheap version of those 2" or 3" sanding pads if anyone has an idea or somewhere to go?

    I also realized that I desperately want to set up a photo booth 'cause my pictures stink. I remember reading a post on here quite some time ago where someone showed how they made their photo booth collapsable with pvc pipe and just a white sheet? Anyone know what thread I'm talking about or know where to find it? What do you guys have set up for a photo booth? What is your light source? ...I have a pretty decent point n shoot camera and a tripod.

    The finish is 2 coats of Antique Oil. I want to put on another coat or two but just haven't gotten around to it. I put the second coat on the morning of the club meeting so I didn't have time to do more. Also I picked up the Beall buff system and will probably test it out on this piece once I get another coat or two cured on it. Just keepin my eyes open for a used motor on craigslist so I can get the buff hooked up!

    Any critiques or comments welcome guys!
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    Hot dang, that came out looking nice, Westley.

    I think you'll appreciate having the right angle drill for sanding. I use these pads. They're a bit more expensive but they last a lot longer, so they end up costing less in the long run.

    Neal Addy posted a good tutorial about photographing stuff. It's here:
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    good looking bowl wes!
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    Nice looking bowl, Westley.

    Hard to tell the size of the bowl from the pictues but it looks big.

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    Nice bowl Westley. The simple classic form allows the beauty of the wood to be the star of the show. Nicely done!

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    Westley that looks great.
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    looks real nice. the pictures look just fine also.
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    shame on yu westly your making this spinny thing look easy and therefore more are gonna leave the flat world and go to the spinny side nicely done westly..a whit sheet would help alot in your picture takun..
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    I think you nailed it buddy.

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    Thank you very much for the kind words everyone. Vaughn I'm not positive that's the write up I was thinking of, but that was a long time ago so my memory might be off. But it sure is a great post and gave me way more info than I was looking for. So thanks for pointing it out and thanks for writing that Neal, good stuff! Vaughn those pads are actually much cheaper than the ones I saw at Woodcraft. They were something like $40 for just the 3" pad! Noooo thank you. Thanks for posting that I will most likely get those someday.

    Also my uncle said he just replaced his dishwasher and is tossing out the old one. Said the motor still might be good on it. So there's my buffer And if not, he said he will be replacing his wash machine very soon as well. One of them has gotta work.

    Larry I am still undecided which side I will completely commit to

    Thanks again everyone

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