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Thread: Saftey Visor Cleaning

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    Saftey Visor Cleaning

    I had this in my notes and got it off the web sometime ago and thought you may find it interesting to read about. I have no idea who the author's were because they were blogs posted on some other site.

    CA Gluing Your Chuck
    Being a little heavy handed and impatient, I have, on more occasions than I'm willing to admit, knocked an almost completed work loose from my One Way chuck and watched in dismay as it careened around the garage.
    One day, while visiting Jim Young in his shop, I saw him whip out the "Hot Stuff" and actually glue the jaws of his Nova chuck to the spigot of a hollow form he was working on. I couldn't believe that he would ever be able to get it loose (I have first hand knowledge of the holding power of Cyanoacrylate Glue, having once glued my hand to my Woodfast Lathe).
    The glue worked beautifully to firm up the grip of the Nova around the spigot and when Jim had finished the piece, the mechanical advantage of the chuck easily broke the glue bond. There was very little glue residue on the chuck and it was easily scraped off. I now use this technique on any piece that starts to get a little shaky on me and it has really helped.

    I have found if you use Armorall type spray on your face shield or it's cover, you don't have to worry about dust or static cling. When polished after applying the liquid, the shield becomes so slick that dust slides right off. Try it, it works great
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    Dan, I'm going to give the face shield tip a try this weekend. Thanks for the info.


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    Back in the day.... We used Pledge furniture polish, it resisted static cling of dust and such yet left a clear view, even hid small scratches.

    Liquid Pledge (before the spay stuff so I don't know how it works)

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    How do you get CA off the face shield?? For what it's worth, acetone doesn't work... it will glaze the shield into a very nice opaque finish though. DAMHIKT

    I forgot to lower the speed on my lathe when I applied CA finish to a pen... at 2600 +/- rpms CA tends to not stick to the pen too well. Does stick nicely to the face shield though.
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    I grab a used dryer sheet out of the clean clothes basket, keep it in a baggie, wipe your shield down with it, stops static cling!! and the dust from sticking!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    I grab a used dryer sheet out of the clean clothes basket, keep it in a baggie, wipe your shield down with it, stops static cling!! and the dust from sticking!!
    I heard that too. I might note that the Pledge will leave a residue that the Glue doesn't stict to.

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