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Thread: Update on Compressor and Questions

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    Update on Compressor and Questions

    Finally got the compressor i bought out of the truck today with some help of a couple kids assisting. It weighs alot but i had cut some 6x6's for a footing and we set it down on the beams. I then bolted it down on the beams because the day i bought it the owner had it strapped down on a pallet and it is a bit more weighted to one side it seemed and could tip very easy (see pic below).
    1). When we took it out of the truck it had been laying down and alot of oil started flowing out of the air filter. It soon stopped but i am assuming that i should replace the oil and clean up the airflilter with gas. The label says Synthetic Compressor Oil - Where do you usually buy this type of oil ?

    2). I noticed it has a regulator (pic below) but is missing a water trap but im sure i have one around the garage. Anybody think of anything else I should do?

    3). Looked online and i am unable to find the Manual for the Model T-30 so ill try to contact Ingersoll in a day or so and see if i can get one. Unless anyone knows a better way ?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions..........Dan
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    1. I think I'd look into replacing the air filter instead of just washing it. I doubt they're very expensive. You should be able to get synthetic compressor oil at Home Depot or Lowes. I think I got my last bottle at Lowes.

    2. Short of permanent piping, I think the water trap will be all you need to add. Here's a post about the one I added to mine:

    And here's a thread about my piping system:

    Since I posted that, I've also added a hose reel with 50' of 3/8" hose. It's real handy for the non-woodworking things like blowing the leaves off the back patio or airing up car tires in the driveway.

    3. I'm no help here, but I'll bet Ingersol Rand can hook you up with the manual.
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    Did you try going on line to the IR site to see if they have a manual you can down load. I'm with Vaughn on replaceing the filter. I am sure that you can get the oil like Vaughn said at the local borg.
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