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Thread: couple bowls

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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA

    couple bowls

    wasn't gonna post these but said what the heck. the first one is cherry croch with natural edge. 10x 4 1/4. finished with blo, 5 coats rattle can lacquer, knocked down with 0000 steel wool. It will be going to PA along with the beech one.The beech is 8x3 1/2 finished with 5 coats laquer then knocked down also. They are for my moms 2 sisters. don't know why the back ground is like it is, as they were taken at the same time on the same back ground.
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    Nice stuff there - I'm sure they will love them!

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    Both are really nice -- the shape of the Beech in my favorite.

    Well done -- more pics don't hesitate to post any and all thanks.

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    Great looking bowls and I am sure they will like them.
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    Well, I sure don't see any reason not to post those bowls. They both look very nice. I'm really liking the cherry bowl, but the beech one is also great-looking. Nice work, Steve.
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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA
    Thanks all. I sent these pics to my mom in PA as she is the one that wanted to give them to her sisters for christmas. Well my sister was there and she really wanted the cherry one, so i guess she can have it and i'll make one more like the beech to replace the cherry.this way they bouth get similuare looking ones and they can't complain.. Just hope the rest of the family don't see them or i might be making lots more, as i have a very large familly up there.

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    Both are very nice. I really like the first one.
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    Couple bowls

    Very nice work,I'm sure they will be cherished for many years to come

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    Great couple of bowls... My favorite is the beech. I have a chunk of Cherry I'm going to play with today... hope mine turns out as nice as your...I won't do a natural edge because I think the bark is already loose and the heart of the piece has had some ants at work so there's some problems there.
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    Man, why wouldn't a person post those bowls???? WELL DONE!! When the second picture came up, I thought it was a wooden ball! Nice finish and am envious. Bowls and me don't seem to mix well, we just mix it up!

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