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Thread: Pentel step drill

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    Pentel step drill

    This is actually a turning thing, but it's a new tool to me. If it belongs someplace else please let me know.

    I've been a big fan of Pentel click-top pencils for years, and consider them to be the best mechanism of this type ever...far better than anything available from the pen kit suppliers. A few years ago I was pleased to discover from Craft Supplies a step drill that would drill out a blank for the Pentel mechanism. It was pricey, but I bought one and ended up getting another. I didn't particularly like the recommendation for jigging up the blank in the lathe so devised my own which worked very well. I made many pencils for gifts. When I went back to Craft Supplies for another drill, they were no longer being sold. Well, there's another source. And there's even a mandrel.
    I received today the step drill and a mandrel, and promptly drilled out a blank to try it out. I'm pretty pleased with it. I ruined my blank by turning the wall down too thin...collapsed on me...but that's my fault...tomorrow's another day. I especially like the mandrel...keeps everything turning steady even when the wall gets thin. Even though both ends of the mandrel are dimpled, I had the best results when I held the headstock end in a drill chuck.


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    That is nice. The Pentel .7 mm pencil is my goto in the shop. I think I have 4 of them laying around for easy reach.

    Might be a good Christmas gift project for my wood working friends and family.

    Thanks for the link.

    Dan Gonzales
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    Very interesting.
    If you post that at the penturning forums, I'll betcha you will start a new fad.
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    Thanks Ed for posting that link. The wonders of the internet that a guy producing something like this can carve a niche. Just goes to show.

    I still use old fashioned pencils. I find i break the clutch pencils lead far to easy then it costs me in lead and i have these itsy bitsy pieces lying all over the place.

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    Thanks for the link. I have made literally hundreds of these pentel pencils as gifts for clients and architect friends. I bought several of the craft supplies drills but the last one is just about worn out. I was wondering where to find a new step drill and it turns out they are not far away.

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