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Thread: Renaissance Waz

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    Renaissance Waz

    After buffing with Tripoli and White Diamond, can Renaissance wax be applied instead of using Carnuba wax? Seems the Renaissance has a better finish and easier to apply.

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    John, Vaughn will chime in on this, but I think he prefers Renaissance over Carnuba...
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    Yep, I put a thin coat of the wax on the piece by hand, let it dry, then buff it with a clean buffing wheel. (Actually, with "wax" wheel that came with my set, but it was only charged with carnauba once or twice a couple years ago.) Renaissance wax is not cheap, but it goes a long way. The 7 oz. can I bought a few years ago is still about half full.
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    Renaissance Wax

    Just what I wanted to hear. A few others have told me about it ,but when you can get answers from Wood turners from around the U.S. it seems the majority makes the decision unanimous.

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    it is vaughn we are talking about here yu might want to get a second opinion the devil made me do it vaughn
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