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Thread: Holly Prayer Box

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    Holly Prayer Box

    I made this Holly Prayer box for my Mom last last birthday (87), It is from a Holly tree that stood in front of her house for over 40 years. It had gotten too large and she needed to get air space around her house so she had it removed, she called and said she was doing it and I told her to keep the log, she did, and so I made her something to remember the tree and to enjoy.

    Holly is a marvelous wood to turn, it's grain is so fine and the texture is surpreme. I turned it green and soaked in Alcohol, dried wrapped in brown paper for a few weeks, whist I weighed and recorded the drying process. I finised turning to 3/16" thick walls, both the bottom and the lid. The finish was first WB poly to retain the White color and the finished off with several coats of (Minwax) Wipe-on Poly to achieve the luster. the little top-knot is Bloodwood (to represent the blood of Christ, as the Holly wood has quite a story relating to Christ and the Crucification).

    Thanks for looking and appreciate critiques.

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    It's these sorts of gifts/projects that have very special and sentimental meaning that I admire the most. That's a lovely bit of work!!

    cheers eh?

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    Very nice work, and very nice story to go with it. Thanks for showing us.
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    Bill...........A very very beautiful box.....Well done! Knockout finish on that!

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    Bill, that turning is exquisitely beautiful, but hearing the story of where the wood came from and the symbolism of its elements, I think it rises to the level of a sacred object.

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    That's a beautiful item, beautiful wood, turning job and story. But, I don't know what a prayer box is. New one to me.

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    I am sure your mother will treasure it. Beautiful piece.

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    Very, very nice. I'm sure it will be cherished for generations.

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    That is some truly beautiful Holly, Bill, and I love the story and sentiment behind it. Great job on the box! And I'm sure she loved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    .... But, I don't know what a prayer box is. New one to me.
    Frank, a prayer box sits by your bed and in the evening you are to write down your prayer for someone and place it in the box. For mature adults it means more than "Now I lay me down to sleep... " More of a jesture of concern as you say prayers for someone.

    Thanks for the kind words, all.... I really enjoyed making the box and will make similar as soon as my Round 2 It, shows up again.... I messed up and allowed the rest of the Holly log go to Spalt, The Blue mold began to grow so I am waiting now for it to figure and hope to gather some interesting pieces. I am also trying to find recipes to Ebonize the Holly and make it into Ebony Clone (I believe they used to use it for the Black keys on pianos) Does anyone have the secret?

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