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Thread: OSB Paint Coverage

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    OSB Paint Coverage

    I started painting the OSB in my shop addition. My friend at the Ace hardware store convinced me to try a different primer rather than Kilz. She said the fumes would be overwelming and there are better alternatives and she was right.

    Per my friends' recommendation, I used Royal stain blocking primer which is an acrylic latex made for slippery surfaces and to hide stains. It was thicker than regular top coat. She explained that the issue with the paint on OSB is it bleeds through regular primer and through paint. The acrylic latex actually seals the paint so it won't bleed through. I had some old top coat paint to use on the walls in a can that was never opened but labeled 1996. It stirred well and cured fine on my trial piece, so I put this paint on a sort section of wall. You could see the writing under the primer, but when I applied the top coat, the print covered. It was still covered when the paint dried a few hours later.

    This lady is very smart. She knows more about plumbing and electrical than most store owners. The store was owned by her dad and uncle. Her dad and uncle split the business - her uncle took the contracting portion of the business and her dad took the store. When her dad died, she and her brother took over the business. She has since sold her part of the business to her brother but still works for him. When he is not there, she is in charge.

    Arent small towns cool. Everyone tends to know this type of history - or is that everyone's business.

    PS - Pictures tomorrow.
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    I used the latex Kilz on mine and didn't have any trouble. I did 2 coats, and left it at that. White enough for me.
    Waiting for the pictures!!! Jim.
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    I used Zinsser B.I.N. on part and drywall primer on the other part. Both covered with no bleed through. Sounds like the Royal product you mention is one to add to the list. The drywall primer did cause a little de-lamentation here and there (the BIN did not) but that was easily fixed by gluing the piece back down before paining.

    I really hate painting so I tend to follow good recommendations. The last thing I want to do, when doing something I dislike, is to go through all the effort and get a substandard job. Congrats on the good advice and thanks for sharing.
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    [QUOTE=Rich Aldrich;180695]I've never noticed any 'fumes' from KILZ.

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    If it is oil based, after a few minutes, you won't notice any fumes, smells, rain, pain, heat, cold, or whatever, you'll be so high you'll just giggle throughout the rest of the paint job (might even look tie died when done)!!! But the water based Kilz primer does not have much of an odor at all. Norman Hitt on my shop build thread cautioned me on using water based paint as the water causes the OSB to "peel". So I have used oil based on a test sheet with fantastic results (no peel at all). Am going to stay with oil based paint to reduce the chance of peel, I dislike peeling OSB. Good luck.

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