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Thread: Granddaughter birthday plan

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    Granddaughter birthday plan

    My granddaughter is 3 yrs old. Last year I was visiting, and couldn't help but notice the toy mountain. Actually some of mine were on that hill. She does appreciate her toy gifts, but the memory of who the giver was fades, and how long do toys last anyway. So I decided that at least for her birthday I was going to build something for her that has a chance of being around for awhile. I don't care that she won't really appreciate it now, but maybe someday when she has her first apartment she'll set some of these things around and occasionally be reminded that her grandpa loved her. Maybe even long after I'm on the wrong side of the grass.

    So last year I made her the clock. It's walnut from a log that a friend gave me. I milled and air dried it, and it was a project waiting to happen. I made the dial face on Autocad so I could personalize it.

    This year I made her the jewelry box. It's cherry from my brother's place in the Poconos. The lid insert is spalted maple that I got from a piece of firewood. Two small drawers, and a divided upper section with a removable tray.

    I brand my pieces, so she'll be able to remember where they came from.

    I may cheat a little the next three years. I'm thinking of a barrister's bookcase...make the base, top and one unit for next year, and another unit for each of the next two years. If I get feeling too guilty about that I may just do it all next year and choose something else for the following years. Actually choosing is one of the hardest parts, so any inputs on the decision would be appreciated. I'm also thinking of etching the birthday thing in a corner of the glass, so any advice on glass etching would also be appreciated.

    Thought maybe some other grandpas out there might think this a good idea.

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    Great story, great ideas, and great work. Thanks for posting this Ed and nudging us grandpas a little.
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    I really like your idea of giving something that will last...very good indeed! One day she'll value all the stuff you are making much more than any "kid" toy she might want for a short season.

    Keep after it!
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    Very good, When my grandaughter was born I made her cradle,she slept in it until she grew up a bit, then an oak dresser. Since then i made her several pieces the last being a small jewelry box. I know these things will be keeps sakes long after I'm gone good for you.
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    Ditto to what Rennie said.
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    I like it too , great clock.............Marshall
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    Great ideas. Kids to get tons of toys these days. I have made my grands mini-kalidescopes, Harry Potter wands and some other small stuff. They don't even know where they are now.
    But personalized coat hangers for the wall, rolling pin for the up and coming chef, baseball bat, etc. Those will be around for a long time and saved.
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