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Thread: Quick weekend project

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    Quick weekend project

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    Looks great!


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    Steve Clardy Guest

    I built a few of those several years back. Made a frame behind, with a mirror in it

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    I'm curious, can you burn a kerosene lanturn inside a house?

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    Good job Matt!

    I like your hat. Reminds me of growing up in the Texas Panhandle. Good memories. What part of New Mexico are you from? Not getting personal but just curious. Manditory answer is not required. I like the life there but not the winter weather.

    Until I was about seven or eight we had a windcharger charging twelve volt batteries that we ran our lights on. Not much count but better than nothing. I bring this up because I remember using kerosene lanters for lighting sometimes. I have no idea if it is legal in these days and times but they made light when we needed it and that was what was important. Mostly it seems like that we used some kind of oil lights when we had no electricity. I take so much for granted these days until I think back on the "good old days".

    In any case, good to see another member from New Mexico.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Young View Post
    I'm curious, can you burn a kerosene lanturn inside a house?
    In the small town I grew up in, we always had electricity and natural gas in our house, until my Jr yr in HS, when we moved to the country and had electricity and butane there. There were others in that town however that still had natural gas lights, (which was the cause of several of them burning down). Several houses had electricity but used wood stoves for heating and cooking, and a "FEW" still had Kerosene cook stoves, (they called it Coal Oil, and those stoves were real dangerous). EVERYONE had Kerosene Lanterns, (and candles) for emergency lighting. Rural Electricity was slowly expanding when I was small, and other than the few that were klucky enough to be close to the new REA power lines, or had batteries with windchargers, all used kerosene lanterns for lighting. It was poor lighting at best, and really coated the ceilings and upper walls with soot over time.

    Looks good, Matt. That sure ought to work for her.
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