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Thread: New DC

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    New DC

    I finally bought the HF dc unit and put it together last night. It works great and so far I'm really pleased with it.
    HF didn't have any 4" hose in stock so I had to order some, plus a few fittings. In the meantime I'm using a 10' length of clothes dryer hose. Seems to work Ok but I hope the wife doesn't try to dry any clothes until I can replace it

    Question: I have a lot of 1 1/2" pvc pipe and fitting left over from another one of my hair brained ideas and was thinking of piping a line to my miterbox, drill press, and router table with it. Do you think the dust and chips from these machines would clog a 1-1/2" line?
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    Even if they didn't you will choke your airflow. DC's count on airflow, not vacuum. I have a couple shop vacs for high velocity suction applications like the CMS and small sanders. I'd wait for your 4" stuff or use a vac. JMHO.
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