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Thread: Garden Hose Nozzle Display Case

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    Garden Hose Nozzle Display Case

    I just recently completed a display case for my small collection of old brass garden hose nozzles. I made the case from leftover hard maple that I used to make my new workbench

    Here is a photo of the finished project and the complete article of the build process can be found on my website (if interested) at:

    Your comments are welcome.

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    Wow Dave, you must have a LOT of old garden hose nozzles

    Nice work, I'll look forward to the pics that you post of the unit full!
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    I agree with stu and I never heard of anyone collecting garden hose nozzles but now I have..
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    Cool Dave!! I am just down the road South of Valpo, hello Hoosier!! Very nice display cabinet. Ever go to Mark Bailey's Discount in Toto??

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    Wow, Unique collection.
    Great display case !!
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    That's a nice cabinet, Dave. Like others, I'd not heard of people collecting garden hose nozzles, but I'll bet there are some cool ones out there to be found.
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    well made cabinet there and those hoosiers seem to collect anything that isnt tied down
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    First, nice cabinet, and like mirroring the others, I too have never heard of collecting old garden hose nozzles. I will however be on the lookout for them. This is New England after all and king of the old and frugal people. Yes we repair houses that split rather then throw them away.

    I also implore you to check out "Liberty Tool", a store that would have antique garden nozzles. They have everything else.
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    Good job on the case. Very nice, your shelves certainly look stout. Larry will approve.
    Like the others, I have never heard of garden nozzle collecting. But folks like to collect lotsa things. Neat.
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    Interesting collection. Nice looking cabinet and a solid workbench.

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