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Thread: shallow apricot NE....

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    shallow apricot NE....

    Even using CA I couldn't keep the bark on this little shallow apricot NE. Turned was cracking as I was turning it. Walls about 1/4" thick. Filled the large cracks with epoxy mixed with crushed instant coffee crystals. Pretty piece of wood IMHO.
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    Looks nice Ken, I'm sure it is a illusion but the bowl seems to look more oval than round in the pictures.
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  3. #3's probably not an illusion....I'll go measure it......Turned was slinging "snot" for lack of a better word while I was turning it.....When it shrinks more across the grain than down the length of the grain....therefore...even though it was round when I turned probably isn't anymore......But ....NEs do produce an illusion of oval because of the way their edges look.

    Steve...I measured it and it is about 3/8" narrower across the grain than with the grain.....shrinkage...
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    Nice looking bowl there snot slinger.

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    Hi, Ken.

    That appricot sure is pretty.

    Would you have had the problems with the cracking if you had left it a little thicker? I haven't turned much in the way of green wood. Just wondering if it would help .

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    George.....I've only turned a couple of pieces of wet "fruitwood"....some peach and now this apricot. According to more experienced turners it's nearly impossible to keep fruitwood from cracking. This was a piece of green cut apricot which I got half a p/u load from some friends on New Years Day. Normally on NEs....I was advised to turn them to finished thickness wet..without using any drying methods and then let them's part of the beauty of them. This bowl came from a mult-crotched piece. I have the other 2/3rd roughed out to 3/4" ...I DNAd it for a couple of days and currenlty it is wrapped in newspaper drying. It'll be a couple more weeks before I can try finish turning it. I left the pith in the piece that's drying because it added a totally different color to the piece. So...we'll see in a couple of weeks if DNAing fruitwood will make a difference in the cracking and the bark coming off.

    My next "green" turning of this apricot I'm going to try a technique recommended by another turner. If it works out I'll let everybody know.

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    Beautiful bowl Ken. However did you make that lovely thing?

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    Hey Ken, that is really nice, the cracks just add character
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Chaffee View Post
    Beautiful bowl Ken. However did you make that lovely thing?

    Frank...You take that white autographed monstrosity of yours....put a piece of wood on it....You turn it on while judiciously applying tools first to the tool rest and then to the wood while maintaining contact with the tool rest.....Try's addictive!

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    I like. When it is out of round, you call it 'art' and charge more money for it.

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