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Thread: Long Island, NY Wood Sources

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    Long Island, NY Wood Sources

    Iím relatively new to this board.

    I live in Hicksville, NY which is part of Nassau County on Long Island.

    At the beginning of September I got a JET JWL-1220VS Lathe.

    Iíve been able to get 2x2ís of poplar, pine, and fir at Loews.

    I searched the internet and found several sites which sell turning blanks of domestic wood (Woodturners Catalog, Rockler, Got Wood, etc.) I ordered some blanks of Ash, Maple, Oak, and Walnut at reasonable prices.

    However, Iíd like to find a source near me where I can pick and choose on site.

    Do any fellow Longislanders know of such a source?

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    Paging Mr. Levine....

    Joseph, Allen just got into turning as well, but I think he has a few contacts for wood in your area...I would think they maybe have some cutoffs or turning stock. Good luck and please show us some of your work when you get a chance.
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    Joe (may I call you Joe?)...

    welcome to the Family, and while I'm not aware of any particular sources on the Eyesland (I'm from Upstate) I can add another online source, check out Brian is the proprietor there and he's a great guy to deal with, plus he ships. No affiliation, other than he empties out my wallet from time to time and I get a pile of high quality hardwood in return.

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    Jeff - I'm already in contact with Allen.
    Just thought I'd try to get more info.

    Ned - Thank you!
    I'll see what Lakeshore has to offer.
    BTW - I'm just a guy named Joe.

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