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Thread: How exciting is a evening with a 14 year old.

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    How exciting is a evening with a 14 year old.

    Last night at the close of the day I was sitting in a stand about 35 yards inside the woods watching a over grown field at a lease I had not hunted since 86. I had my 14 year old friend that my wife tough last year and needs a father figure hunting with me. It was getting late and I hear him call out from down the hill about 100 yards figured he was heading back to the truck but I had some day light left with the sun setting over the field. Then I see him , big body buck, he is about 75 yards just coming off the field and nibbling on acorns I give a low grunt and he turned ya baby! But then I hear DAVE! where are you ? LOL O well he will be there on Monday I HOPE but I need to check on Sane. Turned out he got turned around in the woods and couldn't find the trail. I asked him if he had a flash light before we went in and he said he did. Apparently he wasn't listening to me when he said yes. That's one of the draw backs with these kids my wife teaches. Sp. Ed.
    Anyway we had a talk about being scared in the woods during the drive home 35 minutes. I dropped him off at the grandfather house at the Cemetery where he lives and works. Sane step out told his grandfather of the hunt and says is that big buck still behind the house ! Can I shoot it. His grandfather shakes his head and says no. I tell Sane , I'll see you next Monday. So I will try another go at the big boy.

    But as for now off for Va to Hunt the opener with my son Jake on Saturday. Later!

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    DAVE! where are you ?

    That was a good one!!
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    Working with special need kids can be challanging but is also very rewarding. Back when I was a lot younger and teaching snow skiing I occasiuonaly would voluntarily teach Downs Syndrom kids how to ski. Now there's a challange.
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    That's cool Don. Shelly and I tough Cross country skying to Sp ed before we were married together. We had a great time doing so. Good Job

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    isnt teaching fun had a nephew get lost in a forty acre piece one time in the dark of course.. its easy to do when yu are not familiar with the terrian..we bot got turned around in a bigger piece that i grow up hunting in..the dark makes things look differnt but the final outcome is always good ,,that yuong guy will alwayds remebrer dave takun h8im huntun andf my nephew is already doing the same for his nephews
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