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Thread: Oval turning?

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    Oval turning?

    Has anyone turned anything oval before. I'm thinking about a serving type "platter" for the center of a dinner table. Kind of like a plate but longer. Anyone have any photos of any or tips or links to how to tips? I have some blanks that are much longer than they are wide and was wondering if this can be done. I would assume a different kind of chuck setup would be necessary. Just something that I was thinking about.


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    Don't know too much about turning, but I did see a show on TV that had a factory in New England (I think) that made oval items. They had very old, very large lathes with special headstocks that moved the blank in and out so the edge followed an oval path. Not something you could do at home. Seems like a router setup might be the way to do it.
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    You might be able to do it with an "offset" chuck. It has a special name, but could not come up with it.

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    To turn a true oval, a special mechanism is needed. One of our former members built this one:

    You can also turn an "oval" blank into a bowl that looks oval, but is actually a circle with sides missing:
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    I don't need any 'special' mechanism. Everything I turn comes out oval.
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    Here's a link to the Vicmarc VOD (vicmarc oval device.) The only one I know about.

    The only regular use for one I've ever heard about is a guy who makes hat blanks for ladies hat shops. There is a video at the bottom of the linked page showing installation.

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    Depending on the width of the wood you may be able to do it by turning on 3 centres, 1 each for the wider sides and one for the the two ends.

    That's how I do this clock though I also tilted it on the face plate as well to get the extra detail in the bottom

    Hope this helps


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