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Thread: FREE: to good home (2) 13.2 volt batteries & Charger

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    FREE: to good home (2) 13.2 volt batteries & Charger

    I do not own a good heavy duty cordless drill. About a week ago I was at a garage sale and found a Craftsman drill/driver # 973.271570. The older gentleman that was selling it told me about how it was just heavy for him and that is why he was selling it. I looked it over and it seemed like a good solid unit so I bought it. I got it home and put the batteries on the charger. The next night I went to use it and noticed that the chuck would not tighten correctly. I messed with it a while then I noticed that the reversing switch was not working. I decided to open up the case and discovered that the trigger switch and the reversing switch was broken (plastic). I tried to glue things back but it simply would not hold. SO...never listen to the nice older gentleman down the street....he's a liar

    Anyway....I have two 13.2 volt batteries #974909 01 and a charger that I believe to be in good working condition that I will give to anyone that wants them for the cost of shipping. Now...I only used one of the batteries for about a half hour while messing with the broken drill but I do believe that both of then work. The charger seemed to work as it should. Lights worked anyway while charging and the lights changed colors when charging was done.
    So if you have this drill/driver and want to take a chance on two used batteries let me know. I don't want anything for them...I just hated to throw them out with the drill. (Yes I did throw out the drill)

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