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Thread: Tool Rest Collar - set height

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    Tool Rest Collar - set height

    Ran into a note on another website were the user bought some collars so his tool rests will always be the right height.

    "When turning bowls or other objects that I use the same height on my tool rest for the inside and outside, I sometimes find it difficult to maintain the exact height when moving, or turning the tool rest. I noted on my Drill wizard, by Oneway, it has a 1" ISD (inside diameter) the same as my tool rest shaft. I called Oneway, (1-800-565-7288 ) and ask if one could purchase just collars. I was informed they are not in there catalog,
    however one can purchase them at $3.00 each, plus SH. I ordered 5, my total cost was $22.50. They shipped right away, great people to deal with."

    Or Place a hose clamp (like on car heater hoses) on the tool post at the desired setting and tighten. This is handy for when you are turning the outside of the a bowl.

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    I've heard of people doing something similar with a chunk of 1" PVC pipe. You can hacve different lengths for different rest and tool combinations. I plan to give it a try some day when I'm looking for something to do in the shop. I just need to settle on a few standard settings. I do use a wood block for setting the height of the tool holder on my McNaughton rig, though.
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    I do that for my Ci1 roughing tool, I just drilled an hole the right size in a block of wood, it sits between the bottom of the tool rest and the top of the banjo.

    I have different blocks for the Ci1 and Ci2, as the shafts of the two tools are different thicknesses. The tool has to be kept exactly on the centerline, so the block works great!
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    For me, resetting is not a big deal. Takes about two seconds.
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    I use the hose clamps with big wings (easy to reset). Nova wanted $10 each for their collars….and then I would have to keep up with the allen wrench. These are about $3 for two. If you want a permanent reference, scribe or engrave a line where the post meets the top of the banjo. This one is scribed for exact center. If you want more settings, scribe more lines and fill with different colors. For memory deficient people like me a dot of paint on the tool ferrule to match may help.
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