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Thread: Source for Chairs?

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    Source for Chairs?

    So, Getting ready to build a nice big maple craftsman like table for the dining room. My question is, does anyone have a source for unfinished craftsman/mission type chairs? Not sure I want to build a bunch of chairs, but depending on the cost, I might. I just wanted to see if it there were any good sources for them out there.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Not sure I want to build a bunch of chairs, but depending on the cost, I might. I just wanted to see if it there were any good sources for them out there.
    Why not build them. I have do designs for the church commision. They are on the design forum. These chair can be built for less then 20 worth of wood each. In a couple of weeks I'll be posting pictures of the building of the chairs. start on the table then when your ready for the chairs I'll have mine done. There not hard to build.
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    Similar situation Brent.
    One of my next projects is a long cherry and poplar trestle table for the dining room. The prospect of building 8-10 dining room chairs in the shaker/early American style is daunting to say the least.
    I'm very interested in what the guys have to say about sources or plans.
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    WOOD magazine has had several chair plans over the years, including a 'Craftsman' style. Check their website... they have a download area... probably cost you $10 or thereabouts. Chairs aren't hard, they just require 'jigging up'. I've built something between 200 and 300 chairs for other people over the past 10 years .It can get tiresome making the same part 32 times, but you can do it.

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    only thing i can say brent, if you're going to design your own, draw it up on paper/sketchup first, then build a prototype out of pine, that way any design/assembly bugs can be worked out DAMHIKT...

    after i built the prototype, i knew what needed fixing, and what didn't, and used the parts from the prototype as templates for the real chairs.
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    I was at an Antique concinement auction yesterday, you would not believe how Maple chairs are "Given away" Some great looking chairs and no bidders, so visit a few high end estate auctions till you see a set of your choice. Most just need a little cleaning up, or top coating.

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