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Thread: Maple Plate this Weekend

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    Maple Plate this Weekend

    Here's a picture of a maple platter that I made this weekend. It's got a lot of inclusions and strange grain with fungus and other unique characteristics. I really like it! It's about 13" wide.

    It was first time turning something end-grain and I also turned this "out board" (another first for me).
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    Interesting plate Dawson! Quite the grain configuration and I even see a little curl! Pretty cool! What did you finish it with?

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    Interesting piece. See some curl in it. Is that the pith in the middle?
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    So far I have just finished with one coat of some "butcher block oil" that I got from a local store. It's a food safe oil finish, but I'm not sure exactly what type of oil it is. I'll probably put another coat or two on it to finish things off.

    Yes Bernie, that is the pith in the middle. Looks like it started to get to that rotten stage, but it isn't soft at all. Must be just before it goes soggy.

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    I've only done a few plates or platters, none of them endgrain, that one looks cool!

    Very interesting wood for sure!

    Most "Butcher Block Oil" is just mineral oil, you can usually get a pint of it at the drug store much cheaper!
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    Thanks for the tip Stuart ... I'll remember that for next time!

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    That wood is amazing. Nice job.
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    Dawson, that is amazing. Very nice piece. I really like the looks of it, you did a great job bringing that to fruition.

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    Real neat piece there Dawson. That would be a keeper for me. The plate tells a story just like a tree stump.

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