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Thread: 30 years, thoughts and prayers

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    30 years, thoughts and prayers

    30 years ago today I was lucky enough to marry the girl of my dreams. She has always been there for me, whether it was bringing food out to the fields at dinner time, cleaning out hog pens, feeding watering our animals, assisiting me in birthing of cattle and hogs.....leaving the family farm to start my own business in the residential construction business, and dabble in a bit of woodworking...this beautiful city girl was right there with me. I'd like to think she'd say the same about me.

    Tomorrow Judy has a back operation scheduled and although the success rate is good they have prepared us (if that is possible) that there is a 25% chance of paralysis. I hope that number is an exaggeration, but has been in the back of my mind all the time.

    They will be (forgive me if I don't have this exactly correct) removing a disc, re aligning a vertabrae, inserting a disc, fusing together several (3 ? ) vertabrae, and using a couple of screws in there somewhere. She willl be in the hospital for 4 days, then home for 4-6 weeks re couperation while being in some sort of a brace for this time.

    On top of all that, she got a call yesterday (2 days before surgery) from the neurosurgeons office that we are going to have to come up with a good sized chunk (at least to me it is) of money ourselves since our provider won't cover it all.

    So......if you believe.....I'd like to ask for some prayers for Judy and that it all comes out alright, if you aren't a believer, your thoughts are welcomed as well.
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    Done Steve and Judy Trust the docs Steve, they are good these days I have a few family members that have had similar surgeries.....All successful

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    best to you both!
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    yu know we are heer for you "boss"
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    You bet Steve, I'll be saying a special prayer for Judy.

    The doctors really can do wonderful things these days.

    Thinking of you both
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    Been doing that since you and I talked the other day. Prayers being said, fingers crossed, and waiting to hear the "all clear" from you in a day or so.
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    Hang in there Steve, anything that can be paid with money is not really important.
    Things that money can't buy are.

    I really wish everything goes well and that she'll have a speedy recovery.
    Best regards,

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    My thoughts and prayers going out for Judy and you Steve.

    And Happy Anniversary you two! It sounds like it might last!
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    Brother Steve,
    Congratulations on 30 years, and prayers going out for you both for Judy's speedy and complete recovery.

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    Sending positive thoughts for a successful outcome and speedy recovery.

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