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Thread: Hey, y'all back at ya!

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    Hey, y'all back at ya!

    Thanks for the welcome. Steve Ash gave me a heads-up about this site. I've been a graphic artist for several years, and ran a corporate graphics operation that produced printed items, screen presentations, and various other promotional and award "stuff". Before that, I was a computer "techie" and data systems manager. A few years ago, I got interested in woodworking to help preserve what little sanity I had left. My brain was already starting to turn to sawdust. My background in computer graphics and woodworking led me to laser engraving and cutting (wow - light saber saws and chisels). I traded in my gray flannel suit for blue jeans and started my own laser shop a couple of years ago after getting tired of working for other people. Now instead of arguing with executives, I argue with myself (and usually lose).

    I'm an amateur woodworker. What I know could be stored in a thimble with room left over. So I'm here mostly to learn more about it.


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    Welcome aboard, Tom. Sounds like with your background you were destined to end up doing laser work. We;ve got a few other laserators around probably already know them.

    Glad to see you here -
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    hi tom!
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    Hi Tom, I'm glad you found us and signed up....Welcome
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    Steve Clardy Guest

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