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Thread: What the devil is this thing?

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    What the devil is this thing?

    I ran across this doing my usual lurk in a local CL. What the heck is this and is this a ton of money for it? I'm not interested in buying/owning it, just what it actually is.

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    Looks like a nearly complete Stanley 55. The 19th century equivalent of today's router. Cuts rabbets, dados, and numerous edge treatments - all human-powered.

    Pristine examples are highly sought after. This one? Less so...
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    I do believe that's a Stanley 55 Combination Plane. Handy little sucker. Some people love them, a lot collect them. I would say that's a pretty high price for it, although it seems to have a lot of the blades, but it also doesn't have the box. A quick search on the bay shows that in pristine condition it might bring a little over $300.

    Here's a lot of info on them:


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